Top 10 iPhone Engagement Ring Apps

10 iPhone Apps Deliver You One Unique Ring, One Unvarying Engagement

Top 10 Engagement Ring Apps, Desire Engagement Ring, Unique Engagement Ring Recommend

Engagement ring, it’s one so romantic and sacred authenticating object which is also witness your love. One perfect ring, one perfect engagement! But how to choose one perfect and unique engagement ring for yourself/your lover? Here we recommand two methods for you to design your own ring or select the most suitable ring for you. There are 10 iPhone engagement ring apps for you to get one unique ring. Go to have a

try, forever love is waitting for you.

We recommend these 10 apps in 2 part.

In the first part we introduce 6 iPhone design engagement ring apps and other related apps for you. The first 2 apps you can used to design your own engagement ring, the third and forth apps you can used to size your ring or ring size conversions, the last 2 app you can used to evaluate the price.

At last part, we recommand 4 engagement ring apps for you to select your own ring. These apps have list close to one thousand rings and have multiple images for users to choose. Download these apps is your best choice to find you satisfied engagement ring.

All these apps can help you to choose your own perfect engagement ring. Wanna have one unvarying engagement? Try these Engagement Ring Apps now!

1. Design Your Own Engagement Ring


In this part we will recommand several design your own engagement ring apps that allow you to design unique ring. You also can calculate diamond, jewelry price and size ring. Go to build your own custom ring for your lover!

Blue Nile

Price: Free
– Build your own unique custom ring right on the iPhone
– Helps you shop for more than just diamond rings
– Shake the Dream Box to randomly select one of a kind ring!

My Ring

Price: $1.99
Design your own ring that you can bring into your jeweler
– Provides some educational information about ring cuts and others
– The app would benefit greatly by having more building options.

Size Converter

Price: Free
– Do ring size conversions from the US, UK, Europe, HK
– Also support conversion for Bra, Ring and Shoes
Free and has a great interface!


Price: $0.99
– Quickly and easily measure your finger width
– Adjust the markers on-screen by simply place your finger
– Measure existing rings and support for many countries’ sizes!

My Jeweler

Price: $34.99
Diamond and jewelry pricing calculator
– The information is accurate and quick to navigate
– Easy to transfer currency, nice graphics!


Price: $29.99
– The best Diamond Calculator and Inventory Management App
– Set a default discount and choose from more than 30 currencies
Keep track of store diamond prices and detailed specifications!

2. iPhone Apps Recommand for Engagement Ring


If you have no time to design your engagement ring, here we recommand 4 iPhone apps for you to browse and discover rings match with you. These apps offer price filtering and detailed information about the rings.


Price: Free
– The Private Collection of Southern African Diamonds
– Browse through multiple images of this exclusive collection
Authorized Jewelers. Look up the purchase jeweler!

Engagement Rings

Price: Free
– More than 160 rings in 9 categories available
– Exclusive diamond rings from the studio of Jason Withers’
– An unique calculator of rings sizes.


Price: Free
– Tacori, Verragio, Ritani, Scott Kay and many
over 900 engagement rings and wedding bands
– Truly! The Better Way to Find Your Bling!

Dream Ring

Price: Free
– Takes the headache out of shopping for an engagement ring
– No Pushy Sales People. No High Pressure
– Over a Hundred Engagement Rings or browse Wedding Bands.