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Pic Stitch Review




Pic Stitch

Big Blue Clip, LLC

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About this app

Latest Version: 2.3
Category: Photography
Updated On: Apr 10, 2012
Size: 19.5 MB

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"Creat Your Photos To Be One Magically"

Reviewed by:Sylvia | Apr 10, 2012

Highlight: Combine photos into one magically and easily

Do you want to take a photo in the different seasons? It sounds magical. But yes, you can realize it. Here is a new app called Pic Stitch. It is a funny, interesting and useful photo app. It supports you 12 useful features. You can combine your multiple photos into one. It adds 32 different layouts and 9 different photo aspect ratios in the app.

It is very easily to use. Just choose one layout and select photos that you like. Through pan, rotate, flip etc methods put the photos into the layouts. Then you can export the photos with high resolution. What's more, if you don't like the borders during setting photos, you can design photo borders. It is very humanized and convenient.

In addition, i'm very pleased with the concise and user friendly interface. The black background shows the serious and professional of the app. I also can share the photo to my friends via facebook, twitter, or email to family and friends. Certainly, i can also save it in my photo album.

In a nutshell, it is a useful, interesting app. Get it as soon as possible.

Developer’s description available here

Pic Stitch is designed to be easy to use and give you only the feature you really need to easily create photographic works of art.

Share your masterpiece with your family and friends via email or post it to Facebook.

Use Pic Stitch to create a before-and-after sequence, combine great photos of each of your kids, or produce a photographic series.

★ Features ★
✔ 32 different layouts
✔ 9 different photo aspect ratios (1x1, 4x6, 3x4, 5x7, 9x16, etc)
✔ Export to Instagram, Dropbox, Evernote or any other installed application that will accept JPEG images.
✔ Customize photo borders (Borders Add-On Pack only)
✔ Easy to use UI
✔ Pan, rotate, flip, mirror and zoom
✔ Color, Sepia, and Black and White
✔ Share onto Facebook
✔ Save to photo album
✔ Share via email
✔ High resolution export
✔ iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
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