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On the Wind Review




On the Wind

Don't Step On The Cracks

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About this app

Latest Version: 1.0
Category: Games
Updated On: Apr 10, 2012
Size: 34.7 MB

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"Must-have highly Delicate and Beautiful Game"

Reviewed by:Sylvia | Apr 10, 2012

On The Wind is a new interesting and amazing game app designed by Don't Step On The Cracks. It is most appropriate for girls. Its delicate pictures and unique design can take you into another magical world!

On the wind is about autumn wind sweeps the fallen leaves. Players will play the role of the autumn wind and you need to clear every leaves of the tree by moving slider. Take control of the wind and guide the leaves through a beautiful and stylish world. The game integral style is bright and color is very outstanding.

What's more, when you play this game, your goal is to keep a healthy swarm of leaves trailing at finger. It seems easy but when you play, you will find it is a little difficult. It is dangerous that blowing through constricted areas. You should pay more attention to it as it'll whittle down your trailing leaf cloud.

I'm very pleased with its UI. It is grace and has high elegance taste. The striking visual style is complimented by the gusting sounds of the wind. The music is very magnificent. Give people the natural feelings. I like its symphony music. So wonderful!

On The Wind gets a lot of praise. I promise it is a unique 2D scrolling game for iOS devices. Just try it!

Developer’s description available here

Take control of the wind and guide the leaves through a beautiful and stylish world. Try to survive through the year as the seasons change and the leaves fall.

You are the wind, guide the leaves, flourish in the summer, survive the winter.

Full retina graphics for the new iPad
Simple and intuitive 'one touch' controls
Relaxing play with the soothing sound of the wind, or challenge yourself to beat your friends
Beautiful world that's generated as you play so it's different every time
Game Center enabled with lots of tricky achievements, and leader boards to challenge your friends Universal app, buy once and play on your iPhone, iPod and iPad.
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