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Halfeet – Chat, Meet,Date with people nearby for free app ! Review




Halfeet – Chat, Meet,Date with people nearby for free app !

yuying xiao

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About this app

Latest Version: 1.4.1
Category: Social Networking
Updated On: Jun 12, 2013
Size: 12.5 MB

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"With Halfeet, Chat Meet Date with stranger nearby and Make Friends Anywhere"

Reviewed by:Vita | Jun 12, 2013

Social networking is more and more popular in people’s life. When we feel alone, we always chat with others. Halfeet provides us a platform to make more friends.

You don’t have to register a new account; you can login in with a Facebook or Twitter which is quite convenient. Halfeet is a social app to help people find people nearby with same hobby, interests, and more. It is also a location-based app which gets your location automatically so the vicinity of the people will be found and presented.

Halfeet is added more features than a simple social app. If you have a mobile phone network, you can send voice messages, photos and text. It really helps me to save lots of money. And the most surprise is that the whole app is free. What a friendly app! In addition, it has added a funny feature is graffiti which will bring you more pleasure with chat.

You will never feel boring when you are alone. Halfeet let you know, making a friend is such easy. What are you waiting for?

Developer’s description available here

Halfeet is a completely free app that is specific to the local people and local information application in the neighborhood !

All date service is Free ! Free ! Free ! Halfeet slogan : Chat,Meet,Date with people nearby !

Easy does not require phone number, e-mail address, for free and find out friend more than line, kakao and wechat !

It is all free application that can be for the neighbors to exchange local information with each other to deepen exchanges between local people are in the neighborhood, unlike the local dating app, Halfeet is not a dating app made for the encounter of men and women!
Halfeet is only application where is web local community between local peoples , even man to man, women to women !

That maybe a good way of increasing the friends by chat app line Talk (line) and Kakao ,but that app is limited to use line Talk (line) app or Kakao app for the original acquaintance.

To be able to chat freely with people who are in the local area after you login Halfeet, from the local list, you can start chatting right away by searching the local friend from the login time and distance.

You can view the profile list of local people in the vicinity, to narrow the local people in your neighborhood people as a hobby and age.

Guests can enjoy a chat using a free stamp Free emoticons, Doodle of a game is simple, too!

By leveraging the profile full function yet, make the various needs such as birthday party in the local or recruitment boyfriend or girlfriend , date lover and partner of love, matchmaking, such as marriage, neighbors You can.

Several pieces from can upload photos, let's appeal dish of pride and hobby, memories, such as story image also face other than photos!

◆ So convenient because it is linked GPS!

○ Do not know the meeting place with friends ...
⇒ It would have met without hesitation sent the geographic information to friend

○ I strayed into dating and dating partner. Where would are you ?
⇒ That it is possible to find and to find out the whereabouts of the boyfriend !

○ I go on a trip, but I do not know well the local information ?
⇒ Local BBS is not required anymore! Once you have login Halfeet to travel destination
You can search for local people and local information. Because Halfeet is used all over the world, also available in meeting abroad and meeting with foreigners. It corresponds to the meeting in English and Chinese.

◆ I can satisfy all desire information about your local!
○ I want to create a community of fellow hobby friends in your local
○ I want to find party in the nearby area, date party, the local event
○ I want to chat for free time! Meet friend want ! Date friend want !
○ I want to chat while the foreign language study abroad
○ I want to chat with confusing feelings painful heartbreak
○ I want to hear serious trouble of local boyfriend-girlfriend

◆ Various functions free SNS app all
○ basic of SNS: visited feature, profile, photo registration, message sent to your nearby people
○ One-to-One: send messages, video transmission, emoticons, chat, Doodle function
○ Search full function: simple list up the target with ID / sex / distance / login time!
○ Report notification function

I want to chat and emoticons - stamp!
○ Just a little different with the Line stamp! Move! Cute emoticons rich look!

Email: 461158346@qq.com

What's New in Version 1.4.1

1 Push the phone chat messages and user accounts to connect Facebook and Twitter !

2 Source Category clearer chat !

3 New chat status, send / read on chat list page !

4 Optimization chat history stored !

5 Increase notification information system

6 Optimizing chat represents the distance

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