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"Free Music Download" - Downloader and Player Review

Developer: BSOSoft    Released Date: Oct 7, 2011



"Free Music Download" - Downloader and Player


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About this app

Latest Version: 1.4
Category: Music
Updated On: Nov 17, 2011
Size: 2.4 MB

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Description of "Free Music Download" - Downloader and Player

Fully Featured Free Music Downloader!!
Download Free and Legal Music directly to your iPhone and iPod!!
Vast number of free music available!!!

Web browser
- Bookmark manager
- Single tap downloads

Download Manager
- Fast Downloading
- Multiple downloading at one time
- Pause, resume, or cancel downloading
- Live download progress bar
- Downloads badge

File manager
- Folders manager
- Move, rename or delete files

Audio player
- Playlist
- Ability to play music in a folder like an album
- Repeat and shuffle
- Fine scrubbing
- Background playback (iPhone 3GS, iOS 4.0 or later)

The free version can download up to 15 songs. Please upgrade to download more songs.

What's New in Version 1.4

* iOS5

* Search

* All Songs screen
Sorted by filename
Alphabetical Index or Japanese Index

* Animation effect of album artworks when switching tracks

* Landscape Mode for iPad

* Settings
Shake to Shuffle (default value is OFF)
Lyrics & Podcast Info (default value is OFF)
Swipe Gesture (default value is ON)
Backup & USB File Transfer
USB Import

* Supports Japanese

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