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Escape! From Detention Review




Escape! From Detention

Howard County Library System HiTech

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About this app

Latest Version: 1.0
Category: Games
Updated On: Mar 7, 2013
Size: 38.2 MB

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"Awesome game with unique puzzle"

Reviewed by:Sun 1 | Mar 7, 2013

This is one of those games that has an appeal to children. If you've ever been in a detention, you would want to get out, right? So people are going to clike this game, and try it out, maybe even hoping for some tips on how to escape detention in real life. Escape! From Detention is a challenging and interesting game that will give you enough surprises.

In the game, your goal is to escape detention by reaching the exit. You will be graded by the amount time and number of steps it takes you to reach the exit. To control your character, simply tap and hold anywhere on the screen to access the joystick. But please remember, avoid tapping in areas where your character is walking, so you can still see where you are going. An open door is your ticket to freedom.

It really is that simple to play but, while it might be easy to use it's pretty difficult to master. Not difficult enough for young ones to struggle but enough to make sure they don't lose interest. There are 50 unique levels in this game, can you escape all of the detention?

Overall, Escape! From Detention is an unique and addictive game. If you are going to make an escape school game, you could at least do it properly, and as realistic as possible. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!

Developer’s description available here

Welcome to detention. You ended up here because of a classmate’s antics, but you don’t belong here and now you must escape! Navigate through maze-like classrooms, while avoiding villains and obstacles. A hall pass and the room key is your ticket to freedom. Open your backpack to use a whoopee cushion, speed boosting tennis shoes, and more! Race through as fast as possible to earn straight A’s on each subject’s report card.
Avoid bullies, paper airplanes, hall monitors, teacher’s pets, security cameras, and the never faltering glare of the teacher.
Navigate challenging puzzles
Time your movements
Use your prankster tools to your advantage
Earn straight A’s
50 unique levels
Four characters

Tagged with: Puzzle Game, Maze Game, Level Up Game

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