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Colorful Flags Review




Colorful Flags

Renford Reese

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Latest Version: 1.0.2
Category: Games
Updated On: Mar 1, 2013
Size: 15.4 MB

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"Test your knowledge with the Colorful Flags game"

Reviewed by:Sun 1 | Mar 1, 2013

How much do you know about the knowledge of culture, language, and geography? Let's have a test. Colorful Flags is a fun, challenging and educational game that provides a good way to test and expand your knowledge of culture, language, and geography across the globe.

Colorful Flags is a human relations program that fosters healthy ethnic relations by teaching specific cultural facts and basic human relations statements. There are over 200 questions and 22 language categories in this game. You goal is to choose the right answer from the options. You will win a certificate if you answer 7 of 10 correctly.

The Colorful Flags game is not only entertaining, but also insightful, which are the two most vital elements that are absent in most of today's games. More important is that it helps with both language and cultural studies, Not many games will offer entertainment, interactiveness, and education, while awakening a sense of urgency to learn more about the world.

All in all, Colorful Flags is a entertaining and insightful game. If you want to learn more knowledge about other countries, Colorful Flags must be your best choice. Give it a try, Colorful Flags won't let you down.

Developer’s description available here

Test and expand your knowledge of culture, language, and geography across the globe with the Colorful Flags game! Over 200 trivia questions will challenge your cultural competency. Save your high score certificate and compete with friends to find out who is a Colorful Flags Genius!
Questions cover human relations phrases in different languages, geographical locations, and cultural facts. Spin the wheel to test your knowledge!

*Over 200 questions
*22 language and nationality categories
*Play in landscape or portrait mode
*Includes high resolution graphics for Retina displays

Colorful Flags has serviced over 130,000 K-12 students. It has also been used by police departments, social service agencies, professional sports organizations during international travel, and other organizations. See the program at: www.ColorfulFlags.org

Stay tuned for new apps down the road from Colorful Flags!

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