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Armed and Gorgeous HD Review




Armed and Gorgeous HD

Digital Worlds

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About this app

Latest Version: 1.0
Category: Games
Updated On: Apr 9, 2012
Size: 90.0 MB

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"Fully Fledged 3D Graphics Game"

Reviewed by:Sylvia | Apr 9, 2012

Highlight: Hottie and Fantastic Characters Animations

I have to say, Armed and Gorgeous HD is a beautiful game for iPhone and iPad. It is a hack-and-slash game with fully fledged 3D graphics visual quality. The heroine is really sexy, and all the other role graphics and animation are top notch. Really nice shot game!

The Enemies drop with what rag doll physics and beautiful move really impress me. The heroine is wonderful easy to move around for her attacks. Actually, i have to admit, the analogue-like button for movement is one of the most graceful one. Gameplay is simple, and you have 8 sets of outfits to choose.

Besides, there are 4 IAP for you to unlock for more fun, weapons and costumes. With quick fight, really cannot control myself to conquer all the levels at one go. Overall, it is a very gorgeous game to look at and play at the price. Really looking forwarding to additional game modes or new contents.

Developer’s description available here

A thrilling hack 'n' slash-style game in which hoards of ignorant peasants, knights, and wizards wage war on a charming demoness in her own dungeon

Exciting original comics await you at the end of every level! And with Ragdoll physics, fantastic animation, and comics-style graphics, you'll never be bored! Conquer all the levels, beat all the bosses, reach the village and get revenge, gathering 11 types of weaponry and a variety of costumes for your heroine on the way!

"the game looks great, with some of the best character animations I've ever seen on the platform." - Squarezero (toucharcade.com)

Tagged with: 3D Engine Games, Action Games, iPhone Games, Fight Games, HD Games for iPad, Combat Games

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